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Tincha Waterfall Near Indore, तिनछा झरना एक मनोरम पिकनिक स्थल

Tincha Waterfall Near Indore

Indore city is famous for its climate conditions. So Indories (residents of Indore) enjoy all type of weather around the year. Indore climate is nice because of its geographical location. With nice climate as well as Indore have so many natural picnic spots. Tincha Waterfall Indore [Image by Jayesh Tiwari via Flickr lic. CC 2.0 […]

Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall Near Indore, चिड़िया भड़क झरना एक मनोरम पिकनिक स्थल

Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall Near Indore picnic place

Since We all know Indore is so much famous for its tourist places. In all these tourist places there are so many water falls which are near to Indore. Indore is famous for its rainy season. It starts from mid of June and continue till September. We can feel the deep beauty of water falls […]

Patal Pani Water Fall in Indore, मनोरम पिकनिक स्पॉट

Patal Pani Waterfall in Indore Picnic Place

Patalpani is a waterfall ( झरना ) near Indore city in the Mhow, the distance is around 40 KM from the Indore main railway station. The waterfall attract everybody due to its beautiful green sceneries, specially in the monsoon season. It is one of most popular picnic and travel destination in Indore. There are many […]