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Nath Mandir Indore नाथ मंदिर

Das Bhuja Nath Mandir Campel Indore

Nath Mandir Indore is famous for many reasons one of them is for temples. The Nath Mandir is one of the famous temples of Indore. The Nath Mandir was dedicated to the Nath Devotees. This temple also spreading the importance of Yoga and Naamasmaran. About Nath Mandir The Nath Temple in Indore is one of […]

Indore Zoo (Kamla Nehru Praani Sangraahalaya)

Kamla Nehru Praani Sangraahalaya Indore Zoo

Indore Zoo (Kamla Nehru Praani Sangraahalaya) Indore “Zoo” is also known as Kamla Nehru Praani Sangraahalaya. It is a “Zoological” garden in Indore. It is located in Navlakha, Indore. This zoo was established in Navlakha Indore in year 1974. This zoo is a largest zoo and also oldest zoo of Madhay Pradesh. It is spread […]

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Indore

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Indore

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is like a forest cultured placed where the wild animals are living. In other words “Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary” is a home for wild animals and different species of birds. It was established in 1989 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 5 square kilometres. In this […]

Crescent Water Park Indore

Crescent Park Indore

Crescent Water Park Indore Indore has a lots of water park for visit, “Crescent Water Park” is one of the famous water park of Indore. Crescent Water Park, a family-friendly water park near Indore, suitable for an excursion. The very beautiful and mesmerizing Crescent Water Park is situated in Kampel Road About Crescent Water Park […]

Devguradia Shiva Mandir देवगुराड़िया शिव मंदिर

Devguradia Shiva Mandir Indore

Devguradia Shiva Mandir Devguradia Shiva Mandir is an ancient temple of Indore. It is located in a small and pictorial village Devguradia which is 8 km from Indore on the Nemawar road. It is a monolithic rock temple, which was constructed in the 7th century and renovated again in the 18th century by Ahilya Bai […]

Rajwada Palace राजवाड़ा पैलेस

Rajwada Palace Indore

Rajwada Palace and Market Rajwada is a historical palace in the city of Indore. It was built about two centuries ago by the Holkars of the Maratha Empire. This seven-storey structure is situated near the Chhatris and is today an excellent example of royal grandeur and architectural prowess. Rajwada Mahal is one of the major […]

Indore Museum इंदौर संग्रहालय


Indore Museum Indore has a lot of historical heritage which attracts tourist. Indore Museum or Central Museum is one the ancient heritage of Indore which describes the history of Indore city. The Central Museum Indore was established in 1923 as an institution under the Education Department of the Holkar Government, named ‘Nararatna Temple’. Holkar king […]