Tafreeh Agro Park Indore

Tafreeh Agro Park Indore

Tafreeh Agro Park Indore

Are you bored with the regular bustle and noise of the city? So you have to take a ride to any adventures place of joyful place where you can feel relax.

Tafreeh Agro Park is one of the best visiting places in Indore City. Tafreeh Agro Park is a place where you can breathe plenty of fresh air, beautiful natural scenery which gets relax you from stress and feel fresh.

Tafreeh Agro Park Indore

Tafreeh is situated on the picturesque Malwa plateau on the outskirts of Indore. Tafreeh Agro park covers 40 Acres working farmland. Here you get plenty of fresh air, melodious songs of the birds and feast your eyes on emerald green fields. Tafreeh offers much more.

About the “Tafreeh Agro Park”

Tafreeh Agro Park is a 40 Acres Working Farmland. It is an ideal gateway for the city dwellers. The visitor gets an opportunity to spend an entire day in an ambience which is a unique blend of urban and rural life. Tafreeh Agro Park, Indore, is a celebration of the undiluted joy of nature and agrarian culture.

In Tafreeh Agro Park grown hygienic vegetables and fruits. Here you can also book order of hygenic and fresh food.

If you are adventurous loving people than you can enjoy angling and boating in Pokhar, find their way through mind-boggling mazes, take bullock cart and tractor rides or dive in a splash pool and enjoy innovative nature-based sports like Tarzan’s Swing, the Monkey Bridge besides climbing up a machaan or sitting in a treehouse.

A campfire, barbeque and playing with the farm pets comes as another brilliant alternative.

Importance of Tafreeh Agro Park” In Indore

Tafreeh Agrp park has a 40 Acres of Working Farmland where people grew Hygenic crops. Provide a complete environment of village and farming.

The visitors gets an opportunity to spend an entire day in a unique blend of urban and rural life. Here visitors enjoy the tractor and bullock cark rides, and nature innovative sports.

Tafreeh Advanture

A provision of camping has also been provided for urban students so that they can get the first-hand experience of rural life and farming. Dormitories and rooms are available for students and staff members for night stay. The minimum numbers of students that can be entertained are 30 and the maximum is 160.

Tafreeh is extremely popular among school students, particularly from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.For the laid back, relaxing on hammocks, watching the farm lads’work, or sitting around brightly lit campfires, roasting the farm produce on its red-hot embers, or even playing with friendly farm pets can give immense pleasure.

Tafreeh Agro Park describes the rural culture to the urban and different culture visitors. And inspires to perform farming and never forget to our culture. In Other words, visiting Tafreeh is marvelled its picturesque beauty, and get to enjoy amazing adventure games while discovering our agrarian roots and connecting to agrarian roots.

Facilities Of Tafreeh Agro Park

The park facilitates with dormitories and rooms for students and staff visiting camp down the farm and explore the untouched rural life and farming experience.

Tafreeh Agro Park is an advisable sight for the school and college trips regarding the learning of the “Rain Water Harvest”, “Water Recycle Method”, “Agrarian Management”. Works like vermicompost and medicinal herbal plantation could also be appreciated alongside.

It is desired short trips which can be undertaken to a village and a handicraft industry whereby students get to understand the socio-economic fabric of the Malwa region. A crafts mela can be organised for visiting students which will enable them to learn the traditional village crafts. Visiting Tafriah enables students to gain an insight into agricultural management.

Things To Do In “Tafreeh Agro Park”

In Tafreeh Agro Park you can play Boggling maze, take bullock cart, tractor rides, Boating, Fishing, Tractor, Pony Rides, Farm, Tarzan Swing, etc.

Address of Tafreeh Agro Park

8th KM At Dhar Road, Post Sirpur, Village, Sinhala, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Timing Of Tafreeh Agro Park

Tafreeh Agro Park opens all the days of the week except on Sunday From 10 AM to 6 PM. You can visit Monday to Saturday only. Best time to visit this place at the time when the crop is seeding or when the crop is ready to cut. But you can visit any time because you have to know all the process from seeding plant to ready to cut the crop.

The time requires to visit this place is minimum 4hrs. So you have to choose the correct time as per your requirement and with required time.

How to reach Tafreeh Agro Park

Tafreeh Agro Park is 8 Km away from the Indore city at Dhar Road. So then you can visit this place via personal and public transport also. Also, have the good arrangement of 2-4 wheeler parking.

Things To carry With Yourself

When you have to visit this place you must have a carry water bottle, camera, mobiles, food(also have an arrangement of food at booking their), map etc.

Precautions at Tafreeh Agro Park

First when you have to visit this place with your family so you have to take care of all the members of your family especially children.

In case if any member will be lost at the park so you have to coordinate with park member and find the member. Or you have to learn the contact number of each other. Or you have coordinate with each other and decide a select place when you lost so you have reached that place and wait for another member.

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