Devguradia Shiva Mandir देवगुराड़िया शिव मंदिर

Devguradia Shiva Mandir Indore

Devguradia Shiva Mandir

Devguradia Shiva Mandir is an ancient temple of Indore. It is located in a small and pictorial village Devguradia which is 8 km from Indore on the Nemawar road. It is a monolithic rock temple, which was constructed in the 7th century and renovated again in the 18th century by Ahilya Bai Holkar.

The temple is also known as “Garuda Tirth”. In the ‘Maheshwar Darbarachi Batami Patre’, the Garuda shrine of Devguradia is mentioned by the name of the holy temple. The “Shiva Linga” here is known as “Gupteshwar Mahadev”.

Devguradia Shiva Mandir Indore

This place has a natural beauty, which attracts many tourists to this place apart from the pilgrims.

History Of Devguradia Shiva Mandir

The Shiva Temple at Village Devguradia on Nemawar Road is one of the ancient temples of Holkar state. It was constructed in the 7th century and renovated again in the 18th century by Ahilya Bai Holkar.

Devi Ahilyabai had come from Maheshwar to Indore in May 1784 and stayed in Chhatribagh. At the same time, she went to visit the “Garuda Shrine” Devguradia Shiva temple. History mentions that this temple dates back to 1784.

At its entrance both sides are connected with “Padmapush”, depicting the craftsmanship of the 11-12th century.

About Devguradia Shiva Mandir

Devguradia Shiv Mandir is dedicated to Lord “Shiva”. The Shiva Linga here is known as “Gupteshwar Mahadev”. The waterfalls directly on the Shiva Linga enshrined at this temple. Original Shiva Lingam stood at a height of 12 ft, which is now underwater in the sunken temple.

This temple is rebuilt according to the traditions of the ancient temple. The main gate of the temple divides the pool of Surya Kund and Nagachandreshwar Temple. At its entrance both sides are connected with Padmapush, depicting the craftsmanship of the 11-12th century.

By the way, for the seeing of Mahadev, devotees keep visiting this temple throughout the year, but this number increases in the month of Savan. On every Shivratri, a fair is held at this temple to honour of Lord Shiva.

Why this place is known as “Devguradia”

The word “Devguradia” are created with two words “Dev” word means “Lord” and “Guradia” word dedicated to bird “Garuda”. “Garuda”, the vehicle of “Lord Vishnu”, came here and meditated on “Lord Shiva”. That is why this place is named “Dev Guradiya”. This place is also known as “Garuda Tirtha”.

Important Facts About Devguradia

The temple also houses a pair of snakes considered to be the deities of Lord Shiva. Sometimes in the pool and sometimes in the pagoda, this serpent-serpent ( नाग नागिन) devotees see. It is believed that all the wishes of the devotee who have seen him are fulfilled.

Here Garuda the vehicle of “Lord Vishnu” did hard penance. After this Shiva appeared here and remained here as Shivlinga.

The priests who are responsible for the service of God in the temple have been worshipping for generations. The whole family has been worshipping the temple here for sixteen generations.

The water tank inside the temple quenches the thirst of the entire village. The people of the entire village use this water tank to drink water. This water tank is filled with water for 12 months of the year. Apart from the tank inside the temple, there are 5 more tanks in the temple which are always filled with water. Their water is never empty.

A fair is held every year on Mahashivaratri in Devguradia, which starts from the fourteenth day of Phalgun Krishnapaksha month.

Address of Devguradia Shiva Temple

Devguradia Shiva Mandir, Devguradia Village, Nemawar Road, Indore – (Madhya Pradesh)

Timing Of Devguradia Shiva Temple

Devguradia temple opens all days of the week from 6 AM To 9 PM.

Entery Fees Of Devguradia Shiva Temple

There is no charge to get an entry in the temple it is totally free.

How to reach Devguradia Shiva Mandir

Devguradia is only 8km far from Indore so you can visit this place via local transport and private two-four wheeler or rented cabs. There is a good arrangement of the two and four wheeler vehicles parking.

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